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Christos Akratopoulos


Erik Micheelsen


NTechnosoft developed an App Store app for my business. They are smart, creative, efficient and determined to get the best job done and make sure your content ends up where it's destined. I highly recommend their work.

Dr. Limor Blockman

United States

Bal Birdy

United Kingdom

Hi Nirav and all team. 31st March 2017 SilverCube team marks it as their first landmark for Launching their flagship product. On this occasion I would like to take the privilege of Thanking Mr.Nirav and all team for their efforts. I commend Mr Nirav's commitment towards the project despite of lots of up and downs and problems, yet Sticking to it and making it happen. Thank you. It surely was a roller coaster ride till the end and a massive learning curve for us and hope it was for the same for Team NTechnosoft. We will forward to working with you in our future endeavours with even higher level of planning and more so on the commitment side. THANK YOU once again.

Azeem Pehlari-GEEKBIRD PTY LTD(SilverCube Team)