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The only thing more exciting than your Ibiza holiday itself is the countdown to your trip. That\'s why we\'ve created the My Ibiza app that makes it a breeze to check how long until your Ibiza trip - by simply registering to My Ibiza with the dates of your holiday. You can then see your “Countdown to Ibiza” screen that you can customise with some beautiful pictures of Ibiza – or you can set your own. But, it gets better. We\'ve also integrated My Ibiza’s popular \"Ibiza Party Planner\" into the app - so you can see exactly who is playing and what parties are taking place during your holiday. Be the envy of your friends as you become the expert on partying in Ibiza. Your party planner saves to your app so when you\'re in Ibiza with no internet connection you can still get the inside info! Perfect for when you\'ve just come out of DC10 and looking for your next party. You can book hotels directly from the app. We automatically download the best prices to the app every time you use it so you never miss a bargain. But if you do have an internet connection: with the largest selection of discounted club tickets online in the palm of your hand - you can save loads whilst being reassured that your tickets are completely genuine. Your tickets are instantly saved to the app so you can use your phone to gain entrance to the clubs without having to hunt for a printer. So what are you waiting for? Start your COUNTDOWN TO IBIZA today!


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