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welcome to NTechnosoft

NTechnosoft-Your thoughts our creation, as the tagline says we are an established IT company who makes your ideas and thoughts to reality. We are an IT Company where we develop Mobile Apps and Websites according to your ideas and thought. You just have to describe what’s your idea and we will do the rest. NTechnosoft is established since 2011 and has given and giving his clients the best of it. As you can see in the Testimonials you will be able to see the videos of clients on our work given to them.

We are here to give our customer satisfactory work not just to work but to build long term relationships and make a relationship with them. We are here to make bonds not break terms.

We provide the best product and excellent work for our customers. We give all our dedication with vast experts to provide the perfect outcome achieving the ultimate goal of satisfaction to our customers.

We give our best on work and promises.


Our Methodology Process

When we came across many clients and tried to explain them that we use Agile Methodology to work the system. Sometimes they get confused...what is that?

So we took time to put things together and give our clients more simplified method and understanding of how we work and the way we can give them the best result. We listed down and simplified the process into 8 Steps:

  • We try to understand the idea or concept of our client. According to the understanding of their Idea or dream and then draft it to make it reality (Drafting is just a rough paper work of the understanding).
  • As the communication understanding and rough drafting of the work, its sent to client for conformation.
  • The flow and conformation is done with client design work is started.
  • Design conformation from client shows the reality has come to life, so we move to next stage where real task comes in-The Development phase of Design.
  • Design development is started on real device and then moving to the coding on sustaining the application and completing flow of the app.
  • After completing and getting all things into reality we move towards the testing process. This all process goes stage to stage to have proper drafting and proper procedure and satisfied clients.
  • Last but not the least as things are tested and completed-the product is uploaded to stores to go Live for all the public.
  • As said above last but not least-Maintenance and as per users feedback versions are uploaded later.

This said above is not always the scenario as per the growing IT Software Development it so happens that there are some time challenges from client that we have to work on broken codes or to fix some small issues or sometime clients come with old work or left over as saying that old company or developer has left things in between and we have to take things into our hands. We don’t leave them-our support starts here-challenges comes our way and we face it as champions giving them our best support and solutions.

You can see our satisfied clients in Testimonials.

meet our team

Meet our team working hard to give our company and clients the best deliver solutions fulfilling their expectations.

Coming together, sharing together, working together and succeeding together.

Nirav Thakkar


Darshan Patel

Designing Head

Sophie Rome

Marketing Head

Saurabh Kushwa

Sr. Business Development Executive

Valentian Padurean

Sr. Business Development Executive

Ketan Darji

Sr. Android Developer

Dhaval Shah

iOS Developer

Mohammad taki

iOS Developer

Paresh Thakkar

iOS Developer

Darshan Patel

Android Developer

Fuzel Ahemad

Android Developer

Jinal Panchal

Android Developer

Drashti Savaliya

IOS Developer